Case Study 1: Competitive Study


CASE STUDY 1: Competitive Study


During a market downturn, a global market leader in building supplies became concerned with the growing success of its main competitor. They needed to react quickly and determine how the competitor was gaining market share and experiencing rapid growth.


We began by researching open and proprietary data sources to build a profile on the competitor. We focused on key financial data, marketing and distribution strategies. Armed with this data, we presented our findings to our client’s CEO and executives and collaborated on areas of interest to explore further.

Factory field investigations, uncovering transport and labor costs, and client and competitor comparisons across manufacturing processes helped reveal key differences between the two companies. We also spoke with industry insiders, and researched intellectual property practices. We found the competitor to have more efficient sales processes, and areas where they were able to reduce costs. These findings were then analyzed to deliver specific recommendations of improvement to our client.


Through our recommendations, the client was able to empower their sales force through improved infrastructure, training and support. They were also able to negotiate the cost of raw goods and analyze their manufacturing processes. As a result, the Client enacted changes that saw an EBITDA increase of 27% within a year.