Case Study 6: Private Equity


CASE STUDY 6: Private Equity


Our client, a major private equity firm, had invested in a company in Central Asia and was preparing the company for sale but faced several problems, including a severe competitive situation, declining customer relations and an uncertain regulatory environment. Our goal was to build a competitive intelligence capability within the client in order to keep senior management informed of the changing business environment and provide clear recommendations to improve the company’s profitability prior to sale.


We began by working closely with the client to understand the company and the specific competitive, customer and regulatory issues facing it. Using our profound local knowledge, we worked closely with management to organize a network of intelligence sources within the company. This set up the information infrastructure necessary to gain instant intelligence about the competitor and marketplace. Our analysts used these facts to build insights and recommendations that were delivered to the client in the form of monthly reports.


The project lasted three years, during which time our reports gave the client deep insight into the challenges and opportunities facing it. Through working with us, the client was able to enhance its company’s competitive position to such an extent that the company was ultimately sold for five times its purchase price.